ADTH RAS/R Ad Insertions

ADTH RAS/R Ad Insertions Solution offers broadcasters, media facilities or program house to deliver relevant and localized content to consumers enhancing their user experience; at the same time helping advertising to target their message more appropriately and open up new revenue streams.

With the rise of social media, mobile devices and advance connectivity, consumers can access to content and brands quickly and easily. They are more connected and demanding, looking towards delivery of targeted and personalized experience. In response to the consumers changing behavior, advertisers want to deliver relevant, localized advertising and content with different messaging across different geographic regions and viewing behavior. Advertisers will benefit with the targeted messaging at the targeted audience, broadcaster increases their ad revenue with this new channel.

The RAS/R Ad Insertion allows broadcasters to swap any contents or insert a targeted ad to the existing content stream. The process will seamlessly localize the alternate content while preserving the quality of the existing content. The system is also able to splice various different video format, deliver accurate frame-to-frame insertion. The solution comes with a scheduler so that the ad or content insertion operation can be pre-planned ahead and scheduled to go live on the set time. The entire operation is automated and all the transaction history can be logged for future reference.

The solution runs across multiple platform and network such as digital television, IPTV, cable and satellite. Unlike traditional broadcasting systems, ads are inserted on a national or geographic based by the distribution network.This system has the capability to capture consumer’s viewing behavior; categorise the viewer to different groups based on device, content, viewer’s profile or any other available information. The scheduler can push content relevant to that specific group of viewers. As such, consumer only able to receive and view those ads and content they are most interested.

With the RAS/R Ad Insertion, advertiser can now adopt a targeted and cost-effective advertising plan; broadcasters can set different revenue streams and monetization of content on every mobile devices.

Download ADTH RAS/R Ad Insertion R1