Broadcast Asia 2019 Reflects Dynamic APAC Market Conditions for ADTH

Celebrating its 25th anniversary at Broadcast Asia 2019, Atlanta DTH (ADTH) reports good levels of visitor traffic to its stand on all three days of the show. “The broadcast world may not be going 8K overnight but NHK’S introduction of a Super Hi-Vision satellite TV channel is having a very positive impact on business confidence throughout south east Asia with display manufacturers gearing to deliver affordable 8K displays in time for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics,” says ADTH’s Senior Vice President, APAC, Karlton Burn.

“High point of the show from our perspective was the strong visitor interest in Tolka Target Ad, a cost-effective way for network operators to customise branding, deliver messages and serve the right advertisements to the right people at the right time. Viewer-specific profiles are based on patterns of operation measured by Tolka Target Ad-ready set-top-boxes, Tolka Social+Media, the Tolka Player or other Tolka Target Ad-ready players. Using these profiles, the devices can display custom live or cached content. When used in conjunction with Tolka Content Insertion, custom advertisements can be inserted into live or VOD content. The inserted advertisements can be selected automatically or manually.” 

“We also demonstrated Tolka Target Ad working on our DGI 1012 dongle miniature plug-in digital terrestrial demodulator. When used with a paired app, the DGI 1012 enables viewing of digital terrestrial television transmissions on smart devices. Network operators can now offer customers free-to-air or pay-TV directly on their mobile devices without extensive infrastructure changes. The receiver can decode HD or SD video encoded with MPEG-2 and MPEG-4/H.264. It can decode transport streams, including conditional access content, along with multi-format audio and video. The DGI 1012 is compatible with conditional access systems to permit the viewing of secured digital terrestrial transmissions.”

“Broadcast Asia reflected the fact that content owners are increasingly focused on finding new opportunities to maximise the value of their property. The latest version of our Tolka CAS conditional access system is finely tuned to the needs of pay-TV businesses, content owners and channel operators. Integrating easily into existing infrastructure, it fully protects content ownership as well as subscriber rights. Our new Tolka CAS Grand can be configured as standalone hardware and deployed as a primary solution or used in simulcrypt applications. Tolka CAS Petite is a software-based variant which can be operated as a secure bridge. It provides content security between the set-top box and smart devices which are allowed access within a home network environment. Both versions offer broadcasters and TV operators the highest level of control over their content by integrating with Tolka’s watermarking technology, guaranteeing content security even during viewing of pre-recorded or offline programs.”

“Our Tolka Watermark offering attracted strong attention for its ability to go beyond the capabilities of conditional access and digital rights management systems where protection stops once viewing access is granted. Running on a dedicated server incorporating our unique Digital Signature Engine, Tolka Watermark creates and inserts a digital identifier specific to each customer’s set-top box viewing interface. Each ID is encrypted securely and invisibly within the transmitted content. Watermarking analysis and decoding are performed as a cloud-based supporting service which identifies any playout devices associated with illegal use of protected content. Warning or blackout functions can be activated automatically in those devices. If suspected content is identified as an illegal copy made from a device on a direct-to-home operator’s network, Tolka Watermark can match the associated content with the unique signature associated with each Tolka Player.”